I finished two BSJs today (one just needed buttons). They are going to family friends who just had twins. They will be the cutest twins in the world in these!


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Corey’s socks are finished!


No flash.

The true color is actually somewhere in between the two.

Until next time,

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Quick update

Nothing too exciting this past weekend. Brewed a double batch of beer with Corey for the Holyoke Canoe Homebrew Competition, and used our new counter-flow wort chiller, so that was cool.



Also started some baby hats for Meaghan’a baby, Julia. Sadly I don’t have any pictures yet, but these are the colors I’m using:


They’re going to be super adorable!

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Day out in Boston

Just got back from a nice day out in Boston. We started at the Homebrew Emporium in Cambridge to pick up a few ingredients for brewing on Sunday, and then continued on into town.

We had a very lovely lunch at Fire and Ice:


We decided to drive back through Boston to get to the waterfront rather that trying to manage our way back and forth (we knew we’d be coming home late-ish). There was a lot of traffic, so we got some nice pictures:



This is why we were there:


But we came in a bit early, so we walked down to the Harpoon brewery with hopes of doing a tour, but they were all sold out.


So we had some nice Irish Stout and watched the canning line for a bit:



I didn’t take any pictures at the concert because I was having too much fun, but we did get a good one going back over the bridge on the way home:


All in all I was a great day, and the rain even held off until we were half way home!

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Vacation in Vermont

Last week we were on our vacation in Vermont. We did a beer tour of some of the great breweries they have up there! Here are a few photos of the things we saw:

That’s downtown Brattleboro. Such a cute little place!

Stopped here to see how they make small scale machine made yarn!

Production at Long Trail

Magic Hat!


Dirt road that the GPS sent us down that kept getting narrower and narrower until we came across a fallen tree.

Yum! Salted caramel and White Russian ice cream!

Moose in Bennington.

Back home in Mass!

It was a great trip, but quite tiring. Loved every minute of it!

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Current WIP

Hey! I’m still around, I’ve just been crazy busy trying to get everything in order. Yupp, it took well over a year for everything to fall into place, but it’s all looking good now. :)

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been working on, it’s this:


That’s a sock for Corey! I’m at the heel flap on the second one. :)

Regia Snowflake yarn on size 1 4-in Knitpicks Sunstruck.

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2 ingredient cake batter fudge

I know I don’t post cooking projects on here but this one was too amazing to pass up. I found the recipe here: and had to make it my own.


1 bag white chocolate chips
1 can Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip frosting

Melt the white chocolate chips and stir in the frosting. Spread out into a pan (I use a square Pyrex) and chill about 30 minutes. I didn’t have any sprinkles to put on top, but I’m sure they would make this even better.

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