On The Needles – 

Seems I’ve only got super secret projects on the needles right now. Oops

Super Secret Project 1 – very little progress on this one. Still only 5/37 skeins used.

Super Secret Project 2 – small amount of progress on this one, but not very measurable

Super Secret Project 3 –  This one’s coming along nicely. I’ve used about 125 yards.

Super Secret Project 4 – started and finished! I used about 360 yards. I’ll calculate the actual numbers sometime this weekend.

Wrap it Up – 

Finished the Hubby Socks! They look awesome and Corey loves them. :) I still need to calculate the final yardage used so I can add the extra to my sock blanket stash. Yarn: Bitsy Knits Bitsy Sock in Midnight Bells. Pattern: Ribby variation on Plain Vanilla Socks, short row heel.


That’s Life! –

We had a nice, quiet long weekend. We baked some scones, watched some Doctor Who and did laundry. Not the most exciting, but it was nice to have a quiet weekend before the start of the new semester. The students are back on campus, and we’re heading straight into my busiest time of year.

Stash yardage calculator –

100,633 – 1870 (previously used) –  ~485 = ~98,278 remaining (will be updated when actual amounts are calculated).

Percentage used 2016 – 2.3%

Sock Blanket Stash (Sock scraps)

I’ll need to do a bit of measuring for the new ends I added for this one..

11,741 – 0 = 11,741 remaining

Percentage used 2016 – 0%


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Sock Dilemma

On The Needles –

It would appear I’m working mostly on super secret projects! So sorry! I promise you’ll see pictures of them eventually!

Hubby socks – Ok, I’ve made over 50 pairs of socks, well over 20 of them for Corey. You’d think I’d know by now how many stitches to cast on… Apparently I made the first sock with 64 stitches instead of 72. It fits fine, but it unfortunately means I had to restart the second sock after I figured this out. So I’ve done half the cuff twice now. Looks like things are looking ok going forward though! Since this project was started before the start of the year, I am not counting yardage used.

Green and yellow socks (car knitting) – Well, I went to take this one out at one point last week, and it appears I’ve lost my fifth needle somewhere in the car…

Sock blanket – No progress on this one, but once again I’ve managed to add to the sock scrap stash.

Super secret project 1 – This one’s looking good! Another 3 skeins used for total usage of 5/37 skeins! (654 yards subtracted from stash!)

Super secret project 2 – Started last week. I’ve used about 700 yards!

Super secret project 3 – Off to a good start! 80 yards used!


Wrap it Up –

Corey got his second pair of Christmas socks on Orthodox Christmas Eve (last Wednesday)! They came out really well, and I loved working on them. Unfortunately I lost my pattern link halfway through, so I’m not sure what pattern I used. I’m just thankful it was an easily remembered pattern! Yarn: Biltmore Barn Superwash Merino in Black/Red/Brown.


  Spin Me Right Round –

I started spinning the Knitpicks Wool of the Andes roving that I had prepared earlier in the week. This stuff spins up so nicely – it’s basically spinning itself! I am super excited to see how it will come out when it’s done! I started with the Tidepool Heather colorway.

 That’s Life! –

Orthodox Christmas Eve was great! Corey and I cooked the whole dinner together – from the garlic and honey to the pirohy! We had a blast and it was so tasty!


Stash yardage calculator –

100,633 – 436 (previously used) – 1434 (used since last post) = 98,763 remaining

Percentage used 2016 – 1.8%


Sock Blanket Stash (Sock scraps)

I’ll need to do a bit of measuring for the new ends I added for this one..

11,741 – 0 = 11,741 remaining

Percentage used 2016 – 0%

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Happy New Year (XMas gift knitting update)

On The Needles –
Hubby socks – shortly after our wedding, we went to a sheep and wool festival where we both selected a skein of sock yarn to be made into a pair of “celebration” socks. His pair are going to be made out of Bitsy Knits Bitsy Sock, in the colorway Midnight Bells. One is currently complete. I needed the needles for Christmas knitting and haven’t had the chance to cast on the second sock yet.

Green and Yellow Socks – These are my car knitting for when Corey drives and we’re going some distance. Just a plain 2×2 rib. I am almost at the toe on the first one. The yarn was a Christmas gift from my sister a few years ago, but I don’t remember the brand.

Sock blanket – I haven’t made much progress on this one, though I have added yarn to the stash for it. (11,741 total yards left in sock stash)

Super Secret Project #1 – a big one. Current usage: 2/37 full skeins.Yarn – Knitpicks Brava Worsted. (436 yards subtracted from stash 1/4/16)

Super Secret Project #2 – another big one. Casting on tomorrow. Yarn – Knitpicks Brava Worsted

Wrap it Up –

Lots of pretty Christmas knitting and crocheting to show off!

Mom’s socks

Yarn: Red Heart Heart and Sole with Aloe in Tequila Sunrise

Pattern: String Theory by Anita Green

Radka’s socks

Yarn: Kertzer On Your Toes in Purple/Green

Pattern: Carry on Solefully by Betty Salpekar

Corey’s socks

Yarn: Lion Brand Sock Ease in Rock Candy

Pattern: 2×2 rib vanillas

Angela’s cowl

Yarn: Knitpicks Brava Bulky in Cream and Solstice Heather

Pattern: Ziggy Cowl by Leah Coccari-Swift

Kellie’s slippers

Yarn: Knitpicks Brava Sport in black, Caron Simply Soft in white and purple

Pattern: Quick and Easy Crochet Pattern – Shoes “Sport” by Natalija Puschkina


Yarn: “Rustica” cotton thread with shimmer thread

Patterns: various small snowflakes (pattern links above photos)

Smallest snowflake from here: Tree of Snowflakes

  Crochet Snowflake  Easy Snowflake
  Petite Snowflake  Granny Snowflake

Easy Crochet Snowflake

Maggy and Joe’s ornaments

Yarn: Red Heart Heart and Sole with Aloe in Razzle Dazzle and Regia 4-Faedig Best of Effects 2 in Rainbow/black and white

Pattern: Mini Sweater Ornament with Cables (plain variations)


There were also dishcloths, but I forgot to take a picture of them.
Spin Me Right Round –

My wheel is currently empty, but I have my fiber ready to go to start a new spinning project tonight. I will be using Knitpicks Wool of the Andes roving in Aurora Heather and Tidepool Heather.


That’s Life! –

Christmas was lovely this year. We weren’t quite as rushed as in previous years, so we really had the time to enjoy everyone’s company. Best gifts given – the handmade ones shown above, the 7 pack of Barbies for J and the car transporter pack of Legos for L. Best gifts received – 12 cup auto grind coffee pot, pasta roller attachment for the KitchenAid, and the ladle shaped like the Loch Ness Monster. Corey also surprised me by picking out a pattern and yarn for me to knit my own Christmas sweater this year!

On New Year’s Eve, we decided to have a double celebration (since it was exactly two months since our wedding), and go to The Lord Jeffery Inn, where we got married, for a couple of drinks. On our way out, we happened to walk past the wedding party who was taking photos. As we told them congratulations, and said hello to the staff we had worked with, the bride stopped short and said “OMG, You were the ones with the great shoes! We just saw your pictures, we loved them!” It was a pleasant little surprise!

Over the past couple of days, we’ve been drinking lots of coffee and making lots of pasta. We’ve ended the last three days with short walks around the neighborhood, which have been a nice time to unwind.
Stash yardage calculator –

100,633 – 436 = 100,197 remaining

Percentage used 2016 – 0.43%

Sock Blanket Stash (Sock scraps)

11,741 – 0 = 11,741 remaining

Percentage used 2016 – 0%

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Sock Blanket – Post 3


Row 3 has begun!


The entire first two rows. Folded over because this thing is huge.

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Sock Blanket – Post 2

Got some more joining done last night. I’ve still got 7 loose squares to attach – Those should be done tonight.


All the way across!

It’s a little difficult to see everything that has been added in the picture, so you can see it below in sections:


Section 1


Section 2



Section 3

I am SO looking forward to weaving in all those ends! (I am not.)

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Sock Blanket – Post 1

A few days ago, I went crazy. And by that I mean I jumped on the Sock Blanket Bandwagon. It took me three nights to complete the first 25 squares, which you can see below:


25 squares for the first row!

Last night, I connected my first 2 squares. It was even more fun than creating the individual squares!


First 2 squares are joined!

This is the complete image of what I accomplished last night – 8 joining squares. Let’s hope these things remain as addicting and fun as they are now!


Progress as of 1/6/15 – 17 squares joined!



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Dishcloths for my grandmother


Made some dishcloths for my grandmother. I love this pattern – so quick, easy and impressive.






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