Super Duper Craft Update

Sooooo, I haven’t been on here for awhile, but I sure have been busy! First, let’s starts with what I’ve finished.

First, Corey’s alpaca socks are finished! I finished them about two weekends ago, but haven’t had pictures. But now I do. 🙂

Other finished objects include my first Cookie a pattern! I say first, because I just know I’ll be making more of her designs. This pattern is Kai-Mei and is from her book Sock Innovation. I loved every single minute of this pattern.

Another FO, is my first slouchy hat/tam. (Pattern here: This pattern was super easy and quick, and I loved making it! 🙂 The yarn is naturallycaron. Spa in Soft Sunshine, Coral Lipstick, and Green Sheen. It is so super soft! I got it from a swap partner and am super grateful for it. It came out a little smaller than I expected, but I still love it.

And… another pair of socks! These are just plain vanilla socks (plain stockinette) in Patons Stretch. I ended up only using one ball of the two I have, so my mom’s requested a pair from the other ball. I’m not going to do it right away, but they’ll be coming up eventually.

After I finished those, I had a bit of project ADD. I cast on for another slouchy hat for my friend Lizz. I did about four rows and then decided I didn’t really want to do ribbing for a total of sixteen rows. At least, not at the moment. Soooo, I did about 4 rows of my Inishturk, but I wasn’t feeling that either.

So… I started another Floaty Fall Scarf from Sep/Oct ’09 Crochet Today. I’ve made two already: both as Christmas presents, one for my mom and one for my sister. But I got bored with that quickly too…

…So I cast on for another pair of socks! This is the Dublin Bay pattern, and the yarn is Cascade Heritage Paints! I’m really loving this pattern and this is what I’m currently working on the most. 🙂

Those other two projects I started will definitely get done, so I don’t feel too bad about starting them, but I definitely want to get these socks done first.

Until later, much crafty love,



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  1. ellen says:

    omg. i really like the purple socks 🙂

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