4 Trains + 4 Hours (x 2) and a weekend in Schauinsland

We started our journey at the Tuebingen Hauptbahnhof. The weather was nice and we were in good spirits. On this train we met some English speaking students that were studying at Reutlingen. They were on their way to Zurich for the weekend.

We arrived at Horb, and quickly switched platforms, where we waited for about 3 minutes for the next train, which took us to…

Tuttlingen! When we got here, our next train was already there. Luckily we only had to run across the platform to catch it. It had started to rain and we were starting to get sick from traveling backwards (we sat down on the train the wrong way).

From here, we got to Neustadt, which seemed like it may have been a nice place, were it not so ridiculous to get there. 😛

From Neustadt, we traveled on to Freiburg, where we ate lunch and I had the most bitter cappuccino I have ever had. We met up with the other students, and got back onto the train heading towards Neustadt (WHAT! We had just spend 45 minutes on that train!). Luckily it was only three stops, and it took us to Kirchzarten. We took the same way back, with the exception of Freiburg. We took the train directly from Kirchzarten to Neustadt, rather than travelling to Freiburg, and then back through Kirchzarten. Because that would just be silly.

From there we took a bus and then walked about 30 minutes in the hail to the hostel we were staying at. It was quite cozy and nice, but for some reason almost every one else complained about it (and every other part of the weekend).

While here, we went over things like which classes to take, how to make sure our credits transfer correctly, what paperwork we need to get in when and so on. I found it extremely useful and thought it was quite a nice weekend. There were three absolutely fantastic things about this weekend: the food (OMG DELICIOUS), the walk to took Saturday afternoon, and the cat.

Here’s a picture of what we saw on our walk (well, one of them; more here: http://s936.photobucket.com/albums/ad208/TravellingCrafter/Schauinsland%20March/ ) Apparently when it’s sunny and clear out, you can see France from here. How awesome is that?!

And this is why the cat is so awesome:

That’s right, it jumped into my lap and refused to get off. It was the friendliest cat I have ever met. 🙂

I have some crafty things, but I’m getting tired and will save that for another post.

Yours in craftiness and travels,



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  1. mamka says:

    tesime sa na dalsie fotky a citanie – prerus klbka nit a chyt sa pera (klavesnice…)

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