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Night out with Kelly and Qi

Schloss Lichtenstein

The long overdue craft update.

This may be picture heavy.

So, on Thursday, Mary Brooke and I took a day trip to Reutlingen. The church was really the only pretty thing we saw. With the exception of the most amazing yarn store EVER. More on that below the picture of the church.

So this yarn store was right around corner. After eating our Doeners (it was Thursday after all!), we wandered over to Wolle und Mehr. It turns out they were closed for another five minutes or so, so we decided to sit down outside of it and wait. A few minutes later, an older woman in a very lovely purple hand knit sweater walked up to us and started talking to us. Or rather, at us. She was speaking in Schwaebian, which was rather hard to understand. And she was talking fast! What we did understand was that her Grandmother used to live on the street we were on before it became a shopping street, and that she really liked the purple yarn in the window. When the shop owner came in, the three of us jumbled in excitedly (I had seen Noro in the window). The owner and the other woman went off to a table to figure out a problem in her project, and Mary Brooke and I started to look around. We were looking for a particular weight cotton, and had been unlucky in the Wolle Roedel (chain store that we have in Tuebingen as well as Reutlingen). (More info on the project in the craft update). We found one that was perfect, but Mary Brooke didn’t know what color to get. She was trying to decide between green and pink. Since both of the women had been so friendly when we came in, she decided to ask them what they thought. They really took the time to think about what would be better for her and finally agreed on the green. Before we grabbed the yarn that we needed, we went to look what else they had in the store. I found some absolutely gorgeous sock yarn. I don’t even know what brand it was, but it was deep magenta, red, purple, brown… oh it was beautiful. I really had to work hard to put it back and walk away. So we picked out our yarn and discovered that there were only 11 skeins of the color I wanted… and I needed 13. However, we explained what we were making and the woman said I’d definitely have enough, and if not, I could always come back and she would order more. So we paid and made our way out. Before we left, the woman in the purple sweater said something to me and gave me a hug. I don’t know who she was, or why she gave me a hug, but having her speak to me the way she had, and the way the store owner treated us, it really made my day. I will definitely be going back.

Saturday night, I met up with Qi and Kelly and we went to the Ratskeller, where smoking is either not allowed, or just not done often, I’m not sure. We got a Heisse Liebe (Hot Love) Sundae to split. It was vanilla ice scream with hot raspberries. It was delicious. I also got tea with rum, which was interesting. This was a very nice experience. Since their German is not very good, we spoke in English. When we sat down, and the waitress came over, she asked us what we wanted in English. We all ordered in German, she smiled, and then spoke to us in German for the rest of the night. Very different from the experience that Qi and I had in Freiburg. Later on, the manager came by, and stopped at all the tables to see how everyone was doing. He was one of those cute little old men. I kind of wanted to stand up and give him a hug. I refrained. 🙂

On Sunday we went to Schloss Lichtenstein. What a story! So, I got to the bus stop at 7:40 to catch the 7:47 bus. When 7:47 rolled around and the bus wasn’t there, I looked at the little schedule to double check that it was coming. Oh! Wow, apparently in order to take the 7:47 bus on a Sunday morning, you have to call at least 30 minutes ahead of time so that it knows that it should come by. So I walked to the train station. And it started to snow. :O I got there about 20 minutes early, but there was already a group waiting, and I joined up with them. At about 9, we all boarded the train to Reutlingen. From here, we took a half hour long bus ride. From here, it was a 3 mile trek uphill. Luckily enough, no snow. The castle was really tiny, but gorgeous and we had the most hysterical tour guide. They had wanted more people to join the English tour, so we decided that walking 3 miles uphill on a cold day was torture enough. Boy are we glad we did the English tour. The people who went on the German one, all said, yeah, it was interesting. The people on the English one were thrilled. Totally worth the 5Euro we paid for it! 🙂 On the way down, a group of about 15 of us got separated from the leaders. Why one of them wasn’t at the front leading, we will never know. In any case, we went down the way we came up. The rest of the group had apparently taken a turn somewhere and ended up on the other side of town. As we were waiting for them, hoping they would come the way we did, it started to hail. So hard you could barely see 20 feet in front of you. It stopped as quickly as it came. We managed to find the rest of the group and then came back to Tubingen. It was only about 3:30 when I got back to my room, but boy was I beat. It was a fun, if cold and wet day.

For more information on Schloss Lichtenstein, go here: http://www.schloss-lichtenstein.de/english/index.php

For more pictures, go here: http://s936.photobucket.com/albums/ad208/TravellingCrafter/Schloss%20Lichtenstein/ (OH HEY IT DIDNT UPLOAD BACKWARDS!)


Oh boy. I will separate this into categories: Knitting, Crochet, Needlefelting.

1. I am making a sweater for Corey! I found 100% Superwash Merino for an unbeatable price. It’s brown and squishy and beautiful. I am making the Durrow from Knotions (Pattern here: http://www.knotions.com/patterns/magknits/durrow/directions.aspx)

2. My grandmother’s socks. I’m using a pattern from Verena Stricken. You can’t really tell, but they’re a deep purple color, and I will be using double stitch to embroider a flower pattern onto them. Will definitely have pictures once they are done. They’ve grown a bit since I’ve taken this.

3. A failed doily. I tried. I failed. This is what remained:

4. A successful doily. Not done, but growing, and very quickly!

Both doily patterns were from a German filet crochet magazine.

5. A dress. And not just any dress. A Crochet-Along dress! There are currently 11 people, including myself and Mary Brooke that are signed up for a Crochet Along on Ravelry. In fact, we started it. So far I’ve only got the swatch, but I’ve done my calculations and all will be good. 🙂 I will be working on this only on Saturdays and will be posting my progress here: http://safrandresscal.blogspot.com/

6. I’ve learned how to needlefelt! I’ve made quite a few things so far, but I’m only posting one. I will share a link to more projects later.

Well that is all for now! Until next time,

Much crafty love!



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  1. mamka says:

    love the giraffe!!!.
    Finish grandma’s socks..:D before anything else. Good luck with your studies


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