Well then

The semester is almost kind of sort of coming to an end. There’s still four weeks, but only four classes of each class (with the exception of the ones I have this afternoon and tomorrow). With only four classes left, things are starting to get tight and I haven’t had much time to craft since my last entry, which is a super big :(. I’m hoping things calm down a little bit after I do my next two Referats – both next Thursday. Two weeks after that I’ll have two exams, and then the Monday after, another Referat. And I want to do my Hausarbeit before I go, even thought it’s not due until the end of August. I just know that if I don’t do it before I go, I won’t want to do it at all, and that’s just a bad idea.

Maybe I’ll have something to show you the weekend after my two Referats. We’ll see. I will try to get in before then to show you some of my works in progress. We’ll see if I have the time for that though. 😛

Until then, much crafty love!


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