I’d show you pictures of all my works in progress (WIPs) but I don’t have the time to 😦

I can tell you what they are. Just for the record, none of them are yarn related.

1. Studying for Ueberstzungs Klausur (Translation Final) – Wednesday
2. Studying for Swedish Klausur (consists of essay, mistake analysis and adjectives made from the past participles of words [e.g. the *singing* viking]) – Thursday
3. Studying for Literatur der Weimarer Republik Klausur (Literatur of the Weimar Republic Final) – Friday
4. Referat for French (French presentation on the differences between Cyrano de Bergerac, the written play and the movie) – Monday
5. 15 page Hausarbeit for Deutsch-juedische Literatur (15 page paper for German-Jewish Lit.) – August 31st, but I want to get it done before I leave.

My parents will be here on Sunday (SUPER BIG YAY) and will be staying through Thursday. Luckily that week is pretty light. After that I’ll be focusing on packing, doing the Hausarbeit and taking care of all the silly but necessary bureaucratic things. I did already tell my Hausmeister when I will be moving out though, so that’s a good thing 🙂

I’m hoping to start something new with the blog (don’t worry still crafts and travels) in the next few days, so be sure to check back for the announcement 🙂


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  1. Kelly says:


    I know you will be glad to be back home, but you will miss your time there.

    I admire you for stepping out and taking this journey…many would have been too scared to do it.

    Have a safe trip back to the states!

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