Sock Dilemma

On The Needles –

It would appear I’m working mostly on super secret projects! So sorry! I promise you’ll see pictures of them eventually!

Hubby socks – Ok, I’ve made over 50 pairs of socks, well over 20 of them for Corey. You’d think I’d know by now how many stitches to cast on… Apparently I made the first sock with 64 stitches instead of 72. It fits fine, but it unfortunately means I had to restart the second sock after I figured this out. So I’ve done half the cuff twice now. Looks like things are looking ok going forward though! Since this project was started before the start of the year, I am not counting yardage used.

Green and yellow socks (car knitting) – Well, I went to take this one out at one point last week, and it appears I’ve lost my fifth needle somewhere in the car…

Sock blanket – No progress on this one, but once again I’ve managed to add to the sock scrap stash.

Super secret project 1 – This one’s looking good! Another 3 skeins used for total usage of 5/37 skeins! (654 yards subtracted from stash!)

Super secret project 2 – Started last week. I’ve used about 700 yards!

Super secret project 3 – Off to a good start! 80 yards used!


Wrap it Up –

Corey got his second pair of Christmas socks on Orthodox Christmas Eve (last Wednesday)! They came out really well, and I loved working on them. Unfortunately I lost my pattern link halfway through, so I’m not sure what pattern I used. I’m just thankful it was an easily remembered pattern! Yarn: Biltmore Barn Superwash Merino in Black/Red/Brown.


  Spin Me Right Round –

I started spinning the Knitpicks Wool of the Andes roving that I had prepared earlier in the week. This stuff spins up so nicely – it’s basically spinning itself! I am super excited to see how it will come out when it’s done! I started with the Tidepool Heather colorway.

 That’s Life! –

Orthodox Christmas Eve was great! Corey and I cooked the whole dinner together – from the garlic and honey to the pirohy! We had a blast and it was so tasty!


Stash yardage calculator –

100,633 – 436 (previously used) – 1434 (used since last post) = 98,763 remaining

Percentage used 2016 – 1.8%


Sock Blanket Stash (Sock scraps)

I’ll need to do a bit of measuring for the new ends I added for this one..

11,741 – 0 = 11,741 remaining

Percentage used 2016 – 0%


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