On The Needles – 

Seems I’ve only got super secret projects on the needles right now. Oops

Super Secret Project 1 – very little progress on this one. Still only 5/37 skeins used.

Super Secret Project 2 – small amount of progress on this one, but not very measurable

Super Secret Project 3 –  This one’s coming along nicely. I’ve used about 125 yards.

Super Secret Project 4 – started and finished! I used about 360 yards. I’ll calculate the actual numbers sometime this weekend.

Wrap it Up – 

Finished the Hubby Socks! They look awesome and Corey loves them. 🙂 I still need to calculate the final yardage used so I can add the extra to my sock blanket stash. Yarn: Bitsy Knits Bitsy Sock in Midnight Bells. Pattern: Ribby variation on Plain Vanilla Socks, short row heel.


That’s Life! –

We had a nice, quiet long weekend. We baked some scones, watched some Doctor Who and did laundry. Not the most exciting, but it was nice to have a quiet weekend before the start of the new semester. The students are back on campus, and we’re heading straight into my busiest time of year.

Stash yardage calculator –

100,633 – 1870 (previously used) –  ~485 = ~98,278 remaining (will be updated when actual amounts are calculated).

Percentage used 2016 – 2.3%

Sock Blanket Stash (Sock scraps)

I’ll need to do a bit of measuring for the new ends I added for this one..

11,741 – 0 = 11,741 remaining

Percentage used 2016 – 0%



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