Grab some food and drink… this may take awhile.

So…. some time ago (I can’t remember when it was exactly), I went to Ulm with one of the International Student organizations here. We spent all of Saturday in Ulm, and then all of Sunday in Blaubeuren, which is just outside Ulm. We climbed the Ulmer Muenster, which has the highest tower of all Christian…

Why hello everyone! Remember me?

In this post: Reutlingen Night out with Kelly and Qi Schloss Lichtenstein The long overdue craft update. This may be picture heavy. So, on Thursday, Mary Brooke and I took a day trip to Reutlingen. The church was really the only pretty thing we saw. With the exception of the most amazing yarn store EVER….

Mom's B-day Presents Plus More

Sooo, I’m finally revealing what I made my mom for her birthday. It was a doily and two tissue sweaters. These came along with a lovely Snoopy card and some Teavana tea. 🙂 Today, I also worked on Corey’s socks. Made it just past the heel and am working on gusset decreases. No pics though….