Happy New Year (XMas gift knitting update)

On The Needles – Hubby socks – shortly after our wedding, we went to a sheep and wool festival where we both selected a skein of sock yarn to be made into a pair of “celebration” socks. His pair are going to be made out of Bitsy Knits Bitsy Sock, in the colorway Midnight Bells….

Grab some food and drink… this may take awhile.

So…. some time ago (I can’t remember when it was exactly), I went to Ulm with one of the International Student organizations here. We spent all of Saturday in Ulm, and then all of Sunday in Blaubeuren, which is just outside Ulm. We climbed the Ulmer Muenster, which has the highest tower of all Christian…

Razor Cami Update

I finished the Razor Cami for my sister tonight! I’ve been working on this thing for 10 months now! CRAZY. The first one I did took me like 5 days. Oops. But it’s all done! I’ll be sending it to her along with these socks (see below) on Friday.