Finishing Mania

Wrap it Up! – Since it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, it seems only fitting that I’ve got a bunch of finished projects. Pics below the cut! Advertisements


On The Needles –  Seems I’ve only got super secret projects on the needles right now. Oops Super Secret Project 1 – very little progress on this one. Still only 5/37 skeins used. Super Secret Project 2 – small amount of progress on this one, but not very measurable Super Secret Project 3 –  This…

Sock Dilemma

On The Needles – It would appear I’m working mostly on super secret projects! So sorry! I promise you’ll see pictures of them eventually! Hubby socks – Ok, I’ve made over 50 pairs of socks, well over 20 of them for Corey. You’d think I’d know by now how many stitches to cast on… Apparently…

Happy New Year (XMas gift knitting update)

On The Needles – Hubby socks – shortly after our wedding, we went to a sheep and wool festival where we both selected a skein of sock yarn to be made into a pair of “celebration” socks. His pair are going to be made out of Bitsy Knits Bitsy Sock, in the colorway Midnight Bells….

Sock Blanket – Post 2

Got some more joining done last night. I’ve still got 7 loose squares to attach – Those should be done tonight. It’s a little difficult to see everything that has been added in the picture, so you can see it below in sections:   I am SO looking forward to weaving in all those ends!…

Sock Blanket – Post 1

A few days ago, I went crazy. And by that I mean I jumped on the Sock Blanket Bandwagon. It took me three nights to complete the first 25 squares, which you can see below: Last night, I connected my first 2 squares. It was even more fun than creating the individual squares! This is…


Corey’s socks are finished! Flash. No flash. The true color is actually somewhere in between the two. Until next time, Tonka

Current WIP

Hey! I’m still around, I’ve just been crazy busy trying to get everything in order. Yupp, it took well over a year for everything to fall into place, but it’s all looking good now. 🙂 In case you’re wondering what I’ve been working on, it’s this: That’s a sock for Corey! I’m at the heel…


These are the sock knitting books I picked up in Germany. From left to right: 100 Prettiest Socks Socks of the World Socks Year Round I love them all! 🙂

Grab some food and drink… this may take awhile.

So…. some time ago (I can’t remember when it was exactly), I went to Ulm with one of the International Student organizations here. We spent all of Saturday in Ulm, and then all of Sunday in Blaubeuren, which is just outside Ulm. We climbed the Ulmer Muenster, which has the highest tower of all Christian…

Why hello everyone! Remember me?

In this post: Reutlingen Night out with Kelly and Qi Schloss Lichtenstein The long overdue craft update. This may be picture heavy. So, on Thursday, Mary Brooke and I took a day trip to Reutlingen. The church was really the only pretty thing we saw. With the exception of the most amazing yarn store EVER….

Doener + FOs

That’s right, today was Doener Donnerstag! 🙂 Mary Brooke and I decided to go to Aksaray Imbiss 3 today. 🙂 Very very very yummy! 🙂 I still don’t have pictures of town, but we are planning to go in sometime soon just to take pictures and be touristy. 🙂 Tomorrow morning I leave for the…